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The most flexible file sharing tools you'll ever use

Upload Screen Shots, Screen Recordings, Files, Folders, just anything with Dropshare

File sharing that works with your favorite hosting provider

Dropshare Cloud
Rackspace Cloud Files
Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Google Drive
SCP over SSH
Backblaze B2

Drag & Drop upload to a hosting provider of your choice, get the link copied to your clipboard, share it, done.

Dropshare Popover on macOS

Dropshare Popover on macOS
Dropshare Popover on macOS

Explore The Features

Capture from Android

Clipboard Upload

Screen Recordings

Markdown Notes

Secure Download Links

Command Line Interface

Capture from iOS

URL Shorteners


Synchronize Upload History

Upload Zone on Desktop

Screen Shots

Landing Pages

Keyboard Shortcuts

Features Tour

Dropshare for iOS and Android
Dropshare for iOS and Android

File sharing to go with Dropshare on your phone, with all your previous uploads at hand

Dropshare for iOS in the Apple App Store
Dropshare for Android in the Google Play Store

Press Coverage

Dropshare 4 is a Great Alternative to File Sharing Services. (...) There is no doubt that there is a little more to setting up Dropshare than competing online services, but the marginal additional setup time is minimal and you can't beat the combination of a lower price and deep features.
John Voorhees, MacStories

Dropshare is a great alternative to trusting your files to another company and gives you a lot of control over where they’re stored, while doing away with the limitations on file size that many other apps have.
Owen Williams, The Next Web

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Dropshare that I realized there was a better solution. (...) There are so many features of Dropshare, it’s impossible to cover them all. (...) No monthly charges, no usage caps. If you often share files online, Dropshare should be on your Mac.
Kevin Wild, The Hungry and Foolish

Thanks to Dropshare, I'm saving several minutes that I used to spend on my iPad waiting for my Mac mini to upload images for me; now, I can generate screenshots and upload them natively on iOS, without wishing I had a Mac with Cyberduck.
Federico Viticci, MacStories

Dropshare is becoming a really powerful ecosystem, but it does require the use of external services in order to use it. If you want to use your own solution using S3 or Rackspace, Dropshare is the way to go. With an iOS and Mac app, it is an ecosystem that can go with you anywhere.
Bradley Chambers, The Sweet Setup

4,5 of 5 stars for a straightforward menulet that makes it easy for you to securely and effortlessly upload and share files and folders using your own server or Amazon S3.
George Popescu, Softpedia

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