Dropshare for Mac

Your very own secure file sharing tool

Dropshare is a menu bar app that enables you to drag & drop upload files, screenshots and even directories to your own server or Amazon S3 to share them with anyone you like.

Dropshare requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

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Use your own server

Upload all your files to your very own server - there's no fancy third-party in between, and no connection other than to your server will be opened.

Additional support for Amazon S3 New!

Upload files to a specific bucket on Amazon S3 if you don't have a private server at your disposal but still want to use Dropshare.

Upload screenshots automatically

Dropshare optionally uploads screenshots taken with OS X automatically and copies the sharing URL to your clipboard.

Secure Copy (SCP over SSH)

To securely upload files to your server, the SCP file transfer protocol is used. An SSH login with either keyboard or public key authentication is required.

Recent uploads history

The menu bar icon offers a history of recently uploaded files with quick access to the sharing URL. A full upload history is also available.

Optional (custom) URL shortener New!

If enabled, the URL to your uploaded file will be shortened using either a public URL shortener (dsh.re or goo.gl) or your own, custom solution.

Custom landing pages for uploads

Dropshare optionally creates a landing page for each upload, either with a default template or your very own HTML/CSS design.

1-Click-Delete shared files from server

In case you no longer want to share a specific file, simply 1-Click-Delete it from the Dropshare history of uploaded files.

Queue as many files as you like New!

If you have a bunch of files to upload separately, simply drop them at once or one after another on the icon and they will be queued for upload.

Upload images/text from clipboard New!

Dropshare is now able to upload image and text data from your clipboard with just a keyboard shortcut, e.g. from Preview.app or similar.

Testimonials from the App Store

I've been looking for an easy way to share files over my own server for a very long time. This tool solves my problem. Thanks!

baminyourface Germnany

(...) Finally I’m sure my files are under Swiss privacy laws on a Swiss server. (...)

Baaallii Switzerland

This little utility does what you expect from it! (..)

tschloss Germany

Very neat for uploading files on your own server.