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Easily share files, screenshots, videos and anything else

Dropshare is your new favorite tool for sharing on your Mac.
Learn more about the many features below.

Step 1: Choose a Storage Provider

It is your choice where to upload your files to share. Dropshare works with plenty of storage providers out of the box. While we're offering Dropshare Cloud as a simple provider made for Dropshare ourselves, you're free to select any of the available providers.

Dropshare Cloud
Rackspace Cloud Files
Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Google Drive
SCP over SSH
Backblaze B2

Step 2: Start Creating, Uploading & Sharing

Drag & drop upload anything

With Dropshare, all files can be uploaded. Either by drag & drop, or using the Share Extension from many other apps, even multiple files at once.

Annotate screenshots

Capture anything you want to share from your screen and annotate with Dropshare itself or a number of supported Annotation apps.

Record your screen

Whenever you want to share something in motion, screen recordings are the means of choice. Video or GIF, your choice.

Configure to suit your needs

Dropshare has countless preferences that can be fine-tuned according to your personal wishes. Missing a feature? Let us know!

Seen enough? Download free 7-day trial and get started!

Explore More Features


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