Long time, no read! Our last blog post has been posted quite a while ago, and that’s because we’ve been very busy with a lot of things I’ll show to you in just a second.

Dropshare Cloud
is now available!

You might have known already that we’ve been working on providing a cloud storage provider to be used with Dropshare for Mac and iOS within the last few months, and we’re proud to announce that Dropshare Cloud is now live!

Dropshare Cloud has been made for Dropshare, it is a safe and secure hosting provider based and hosting in the European Union, supporting SSL/TLS transport encryption for every plan available. You can choose between using a shared domain for your uploads, or configure your own custom domain. It supports all Dropshare features like landing pages or additional URL shorteners, and offers a number of additional features like automatically expiring files and download statistics.

We’re positive that Dropshare Cloud is a great addition to our already supported hosting providers, and will be a good alternative for users who are not into configuring servers on their own, but still want to use Dropshare.

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Dropshare 4.5 has been released on the Mac!

You probably have noticed it already and updated to the latest version of Dropshare on the Mac, nevertheless I would like to dive into the details of this update.

  • We’ve introduced Preview Image Synchronisation. With Dropshare Sync, you can now optionally synchronise preview images across your macOS and iOS devices.
  • The Notes feature on the Mac has been reworked, and you’re now able to use Markdown in your notes as well as set up a HTML template for notes just like you’re used to it from landing pages.
  • To make things a little nicer, we have redesigned the Connection Preferences. Maintaining multiple connections is now easier than ever.
  • Screen Recordings have also been updated, and it is now way more obvious which part of the screen you are recording with selection-based recordings.

Dropshare 2.0 has been released on iOS!

Of course, the newest update for iOS also includes a number of new features and improvements.

  • Preview Image Synchronisation is also available on iOS.
  • We’ve updated the app to support Force-Touch Gestures both in-app and on the home screen. Quickly upload the latest file from your Photo Booth or copy the URL to the latest upload is just one force-touch away.
  • Worth to mention, we’ve refreshed the design of the iOS app with the 2.0 release.
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That’s it for today, thanks for reading!